Male Incontinence Pouches & Pads

With a wonderful comfort fit, HARTMANN Direct’s pouches and pads for men are a secure way to manage mild bladder weakness, giving you the confidence to live a full and independent life. Designed to be worn inside your own underwear, our skin-friendly male incontinence pouches and pads are easy to wear and provide superior protection when you need it the most. Browse our full range of incontinence slips to find a product to suit your requirements.

Premium Incontinence Sheaths

Designed to fit the male genitalia, our male bladder weakness products offer premium protection and support for mild incontinence, giving you the confidence to go about your day. The comfort pouch provides the ideal fit beneath your own underwear, providing the barely-there but highly absorbent support you need.

Lightweight and breathable, the natural fit of our male incontinence pouches and pads offer everyday peace of mind, comfort, and security. Dermatologically tested, the antibacterial character and pH buffering effect help to maintain a skin neutral pH of 5.5 while the adhesive strip keeps the pad or pouch securely in place, giving you the high-quality protection you can expect from HARTMANN Direct. In addition, consider using our incontinence skin care products for extra protection.

Exceptional Fit & Absorbency

As an everyday alternative to pants or slips, our male incontinence pouches have a contoured design as well as soft elastic and secure adhesive to ensure they remain effortlessly in place. The highly absorbent core holds any leaks secure and away from the skin, keeping you fresh, dry, and comfortable, whatever your day may hold.

Our easy Quick Reorder service means you also get a discreet delivery direct to your door, with free shipping on all orders over £40. Call the HARTMANN Direct team today on 0800 028 9470 to discuss the right incontinence product for you.