Male Incontinence Products

Experience protection and security from bladder leaks our discreet incontinence pads for men. Designed for the male anatomy, our high-quality disposable pads offer exceptional dryness with leakage protection built in. Lead an active life with the assurance that you're always protected with MoliCare. Use our easy product selector for help finding the right incontinence product for you.


Incontinence Products for Men


Explore our MoliCare range of incontinence products for men, ensuring the best protection and tailored solutions for your anatomy. Shaped for the male anatomy, our bladder weakness pads and disposable pants offer support and extra absorbency where its needed. 


Leakage Protection for Men


Our men's incontinence products ensure comfort and dryness for all levels of bladder weakness while being discreet and providing total protection.  

Confidently go about your day, assured that our incontinence products for men cater to your needs with thoughtful design. Choose from our selection of easy-to-use, high-quality, and absorbent options.