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“Incontinence is not the first thing you think of being associated with Dementia, but since my husband, Jeff, was officially diagnosed 4 years ago we’ve found out that its quite common. Jeff’s problem is not remembering quickly enough that he needs to go to the toilet during the day and thus having frequent accidents during the night. We tried to manage it ourselves to begin with by looking out for signs he needed the toilet and setting the alarm during the night to take him to the toilet. However, this became increasingly challenging especially at night as he was frequently soiling the bed.


This was upsetting and confusing for him and meant that I had to strip the bed, which resulted in very broken sleep for me as it always took me a while to fall back to sleep as I was waiting for the next accident. As a carer, I was exhausted and had lots of additional washing to do in the morning. I didn’t really know where to look, so tried some pads and pants from the supermarket. These are bulky to carry home and didn’t really manage the urine- it was a bit better but not great.


My son helped me look online and found HARTMANN Direct, we talked to the helpline to find some options to try- they were helpful and understanding. The MoliCare® pull up pants are much better for Jeff as they look like normal underwear, so he doesn’t get upset wearing them. He can still pull them up and down like normal pants, which helps him maintain his dignity.


We want him to keep his independence for as long as possible and minimise what is already a confusing world for him. MoliCare® pull up pants and HARTMANN Direct service has helped us enormously to regain some normality in our lives" - Adrienne, October 2019