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Incontinence Pants

Don't compromise on quality, choose MoliCare adult incontinence pants for secure leakage protection you can trust. Our disposable incontinence pants for bladder weakness and incontinence offer superior comfort and absorption for moderate to severe bladder weakness. Designed to be discreet and lightweight, you get a sleek fit under clothing.

Explore Our Range Of Incontinence Pants

Discover our selection of adult incontinence pants for discreet and comfortable wear. Our lightweight, dermatologically tested pull-up pants offer freshness and dryness. With various absorbency levels available, you can tailor your choice to suit your needs, ensuring optimal comfort and protection.



Choose from our new Day and Night pants or explore our MoliCare® lady and men ranges, meticulously crafted for both women and men. These incontinence pants provide a discreet fit tailored to the anatomy of each gender, seamlessly blending into your wardrobe. Featuring active skin protection, including antibacterial properties and pH buffering, they maintain a skin-neutral pH.



MoliCare's incontinence pants are great for managing all levels of incontinence and regaining everyday freedom. They offer a secure and discreet experience, similar to regular underwear. Experience lasting comfort and dryness, keeping you protected and active throughout the day.



Incontinence Pants: Tailored To You

Our incontinence pants for adults have been designed with you in mind, with a price match promise to ensure you get the best quality and value. Our easy online ordering offers fast delivery direct to your door, with free shipping on all orders over £40.