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Incontinence Pads

Experience everyday confidence and security with HARTMANN Direct's range of adult incontinence pads. Discreet and highly absorbent, our pads cater to various levels of bladder weakness.  Available in diverse shapes and sizes, our disposable pads for incontinence prioritise your comfort and dryness, empowering you to lead an independent life with peace of mind.

Adult Incontinence Pads


Experience dryness with our selection of adult incontinence pads, offering security and comfort. Designed to be discreet and reliable, HARTMANN Direct's pads ensure confidence throughout your day.  Choose from slim-shaped pads for daily protection against slight to moderate bladder weakness or larger pads for more severe cases. Wear them with your underwear for a discreet fit, or add security with our net pants and fixation pants.



Fast and Reliable Delivery

Our online ordering service means you never have to worry about running out, and we provide delivery direct to your door, with free shipping on all orders over £40. We also offer a price match promise, so you can be assured of both quality and value on all our adult incontinence pads. Unsure which HARTMANN Direct incontinence pad is right for you? Our friendly team is on hand to talk you through all the product options, so call us on 0800 028 9470 today.