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Incontinence Bed Sheets


Bed Sheets and Water Resistant Mattress Protectors

Get an extra layer of protection for your bedding for a restful sleep with MoliCare bed sheets and water resistant mattress protectors.  Our incontinence bed sheets keep bedding and other surfaces dry, fresh, and clean at night, whether used on their own or alongside our range of incontinence products.


Secure Incontinence Bed Sheets

Our incontinence bed sheets and water resistant mattress protectors keep your skin dry and comfy all night by absorbing moisture into the bed mat and away from the skin providing extra confidence and peace of mind for a restful sleep.  Choose from disposable bed sheets or washable mattress protectors in a textile bed mat material in various sizes to suit single, double or king size beds, fitting easily under your sheets to keep you dry and comfortable all night.



Quick Online Ordering: Water Resistant Mattress Protectors

Convenient and effective, our incontinence bed pads come in handy packs and our easy online ordering means you never have to worry about being without.  All our products come with a quick delivery service, direct to your door and shipping is free on all orders over £40. And, with our price match promise, you can be reassured you are getting high quality products at a great value.