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Disinfection Range

The HARTMANN range of disinfection products contains hand disinfectants, moisturising creams and wipes which are formulated to provide rapid, effective disinfection whilst being kind to the skin. Sterillium®, Bacillol® and Baktolin® are well known, tried and trusted names and are ideal for ensuring high-levels of hygiene and disinfection are maintained from healthcare settings to your home. For additional care, consider our range of incontinence pads and incontinence skin protection products.

Tried, trusted disinfection products

At HARTMANN, we take disinfection seriously and understand how important proper hygiene maintenance is, especially in care, medical, and healthcare settings. We have a selection of products available, including hand gels, hand moisturiser, antibacterial hand wipes and antibacterial surface wipes – all of which are formulated to be fragrance and colourant free, ensuring that they aren’t harsh on the skin. Each product is also highly effective and produces rapid results, eliminating harmful pathogens and viruses within a short period of time.

Once the disinfecting is done, you can use nourishing Baktolin® Protect moisturising cream to maintain your skins natural health, and to prevent chapped, damaged skin. With our smaller quantity bottles of hand gels, Sterillium® Gel pure 100ml, and the conveniently sized 80-packs of Bacillol® 30 Tissues, you can maintain hygiene even when you are on-the-go. Whatever you choose, you are certain to be satisfied.

Choose a brand that you can trust

When it comes to quality medical supplies, HARTMANN are industry experts. As well as supplying premium disinfection products. We guarantee excellent customer service throughout every step of your buying journey.

Simply place your order online using our easy to follow website or contact us with any queries. You can either call us on 0800 028 9470 or email [email protected].