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Female Incontinence Products


Designed with you in mind

When it comes to bladder weakness and incontinence, we know women want to feel body confident and carry on with their busy days, that's why we stock a wide range of slim and discreet incontinence pads and incontinence pants for women. MoliCare are specifically designed to give you confidence when you need it the most offering comfort and dryness, ensuring discretion and protection.


The best incontinence products for women

We know choosing the best product isn't always easy, that's why we have a simple Style, Absorbency, Size guide to help you choose the right incontinence product for you.  If you have a few drops of urine confined to the underwear, common in women with a weak pelvic floor, we'd recommend a MoliCare Premium Lady Pads.  If you're passing more urine with a little less control that spreads to outer clothing, we'd recommend MoliCare Premium Lady Pants or MoliCare Premium Mobile 5 or 6 Drops. 



Treated with Aloe Vera

Bladder weakness and incontinence can often come hand in hand with intimate skin comfort, thats why our MoliCare Lady range of pads and pants have a top sheet treated with Aloe Vera to care for your intimate skin. Our incontinence products for women have been developed with you in mind, guaranteeing you the best quality and value.