Incontinence Care Products for Skin

The HARTMANN Direct range of incontinence care products has been formulated to effectively cleanse and nourish, whilst being kind and gentle to delicate, sensitive skin. All of our practical products can be used together for a cohesive skin care and incontinence product changing routine. To avoid irritation that can be common with cleansing products, we have ensured our creams, lotions and washes support the skins natural pH balance.

Practical Incontinence Care Products

At HARTMANN Direct, we understand that it can be difficult to find products which are effective at cleansing delicate areas of the body without being harsh on the skin. This specially designed range of incontinence care products for skin has been formulated with your needs in mind, and can be used on fragile, older skin that may be prone to damage.

For convenience, we supply all your incontinence care products and supplies in one place. Whether you are in need of cleansing and wash gloves, or a delicate, nourishing lotion, this range is certain to eliminate stress from any incontinence changing routine. Developed specifically for those affected by incontinence to keep skin supple whilst ensuring that good hygiene is maintained.

Discreet, Prompt Delivery Options

We provide a trouble-free delivery service to go alongside our high-quality incontinence care products. Discreet packaging can be selected at checkout, and your order will qualify for completely free shipping if it is over £40. If you aren’t certain about what to order, or you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch on 0800 028 9470 or [email protected], and our customer service team will be more than happy to help.