Loneliness & age – do they go hand in hand?

Loneliness is something that we all have to deal with from time to time, but when it is ongoing it can pose a serious risk to our health. This is especially true to the older generation. If left unattended, loneliness can lead to poor mental health, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure and more.

How can we prevent loneliness amongst older people?

Reducing the issue of loneliness amongst older people can help to keep them in good mental and physical shape as they progress in age. Some steps which can be taken include:

  • Keeping in touch – ensuring they frequently keep in contact with friends and family. Providing an alarm for the elderly is a way they can stay in touch.
  • Embracing technology – learning to love technology and embrace the social aspect of it.
  • Community involvement – getting involved in your local community groups is a great way to stay active and make friends
  • Planning well – keeping a diary and planning out your week will keep you organised, as well as keeping your body and mind active
  • Get outside – Even if you have nothing to do, a walk in the park or around the shops will help you keep you occupied

The infographic below explores the topic of loneliness and age, and whether there is really a correlation.

For more advice and informative articles, visit the HARTMANN Direct Information Centre.

loneliness and age infographic

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