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MoliCare® - Quality and value incontinence products


Our high quality pads and pants are designed with leakage protection in mind to keep you feeling confident throughout the day and night.  Browse our range of products:

Experience comfort and confidence with MoliCare®

Anti-leakage system (1)

Maximum leakage protection for added security based on MoliCare quick drying products with anti-leakage cuffs.

Odour neutraliser

Superabsorbent polymers neutralise unpleasant odours, for enhanced well-being.

Active Skin Protection

The combination of the MoliCare® absorbent products range and MoliCare® Skin products, helps to prevent skin irritations by maintaining the protective acid mantle of the skin through a skin-neutral pH balanced formula (2).


(1)Except MoliCare® Premium lady pad 0.5, 1 and 1.5 drops and MoliCare® Rectangular products.
(2) Only in body lotion, barrier cream, protection foam, zinc oxide cream.



MoliCare®: Tailor-made solutions for all incontinence types

Our complete range of incontinence products and skincare solutions are designed with reliability and comfort in mind and are trusted by millions worldwide every day. Whether you need discreet pads, comfortable incontinence pants and slips or gender-specific pads and pants, we've got you covered. And if you're a caring relative or new to experiencing incontinence, then trust in our expertise and we'll help you find the incontinence solution that is just right for you.