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Incontinence Advice

Incontinence products designed specifically for men

Continue being active and self-reliant with discreet incontinence products from MoliCare® Premium MEN, specifically developed for you as a man. We have a wide range of male incontinence pants available.

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Incontinence products designed specifically for men? Yes, of course!


Not being able to control your own bladder can be very depressing and make everyday life difficult. Rely on the long experience of HARTMANN and our MoliCare® Premium MEN products developed for men: discreet, reliable and adapted to the male anatomy.

Products for men

Take a look at our incontinence products for men

Possible causes of incontinence in men


Although women are more often affected by incontinence, many men, particularly in advanced age, also experience issues with bladder control. The reason for this may be, for example, prostate enlargement, which starts to develop in men from the age of 50 and can lead to overflow incontinence (incontinence with chronic urinary retention). Read more about incontinence after prostate surgery

Age-related dysfunction of the bladder can also lead to urinary incontinence. Young men are therefore very rarely affected by this. When incontinence develops in this age group, it is often preceded by inflammation of the prostate or nerve disorders. 


Overflow incontinence is the most common type of incontinence in men



In principle, overflow incontinence is the most common type of incontinence in men.

It can be compared to a constant trickling from the bladder. Physical changes in the body such as nerve damage, prostate enlargement or obesity may be the causes.

In any case, good medical advice is important to be able to make the most of the available support products for incontinence.

This includes modern items such as pads, liners and disposable pants that are adapted to the male anatomy. These items are discreet, skin friendly, odour neutralising and comfortable to wear, offering you the security that you want when affected by bladder weakness.


Learn about the various treatment options to get the right track to find relief


Different preferences require different products


To continue to lead an active and independent life, you need absorbent and reliable aids that are tailored to your needs as a man.

This is because for men the urine has a different exit point from the body depending on the position of the penis in the underwear. Studies identified six different preferred positions for the penis: top right, middle and left as well as bottom right, middle and left. (Source details: Ipsos, May 2016. N=2000 men). In Germany 59% of incontinent men over the age of 50 years place their penis in one of three positions pointing downwards (source details: Ipsos, May 2016. N=2000 men). This position is, however, changed over the course of the night by about one-third of the men surveyed.

Incontinence products for all needs and greater freedom

It is important with bladder weakness that the products rapidly absorb liquid at the necessary point. To cover the wide range of preferred positions, MoliCare® offers incontinence products that were specifically developed to meet the needs of men.

Special incontinence liners in the form of a pocket and incontinence pads in the form of a triangle have an extra absorbent core and rapidly channel the liquid to the inside of the liner. Perfect all-round protection and security are provided by disposable pants in an inconspicuous grey colour that you wear like normal underwear and dispose of easily after use. Disposable pants are the ideal protection for everyday, discreet use thanks to a low waist band and reinforced protection at the front where the penis sits.

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Three incontinence products that make your life easier


Feel confident and continue to lead an active life with the new MoliCare® Premium MEN products. For men of every age and every type and severity of incontinence, there are hygiene products that help you to continue to live a carefree life.

MoliCare® Premium MEN PAD 2 drop

In tis product incontinence liners are suitable specifically for men who experience slight dribbling and position their penis pointing downwards in their underwear. Shaped like an anatomically correct pocket, they are discreet while also being comfortable to wear. For mild bladder weakness you can unobtrusively and comfortably wear the insert on a daily basis. The products continue to provide discreet and reliable protection even when you are physically active.

MoliCare® Premium MEN PAD 3–5 drop

For all men who place their penis pointing downwards in their underwear, we recommend the V-shaped pads MoliCare® Premium MEN PAD 3–5 drop.They have a highly absorbent core and a inner cuff system. The latter encloses the entire genital region and provides high protection against leaks. The V-shaped incontinence pads are available in three absorbency levels and are suitable for slight to moderate urine loss. Learn more about urge Incontinence in our 

Urge Incontinence Guide

And if you place your penis pointing upwards in your underwear, then the V shape of the product enables you to place the pad in your underwear with the wide end at the top to ensure reliable protection. This means the pad is inconspicuous for everyday use and you can place your penis in your preferred position.

MoliCare® Premium MEN PANTS.

If you experience moderate urine loss, to go through your day with a dry and secure feeling we recommend MoliCare® Premium MEN PANTS. The absorbent core in these disposable pants is located further forward from where the penis sits to offer reliable protection against leaks. They are worn instead of normal underwear and provide reliable protection without being visible under clothing and are available in two absorbency levels.


Make the right choice for your needs and manage your everyday life despite incontinence.

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