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Molicare Pads

Available in various absorbency levels, Molicare Premium Pads are ideal for those with slight to heavy incontinence. Designed for ultimate comfort and superior protection against bladder weakness, these pads ensure discreet and reliable incontinence care.

Molicare Pad For Day

Molicare Pads For Day

From: £5.69

MoliCare Pads For Night

MoliCare Pads For Night

From: £7.69

Molicare Pad 2 drops

MoliCare® Pad 2 Drops

From: £5.99

MoliCare® Pad 3 Drops

MoliCare® Pad 3 Drops

From: £6.99

Molicare pad 4 Drops

Molicare Pad 4 Drops

From: £7.99

Molicare Pads For All Incontinence Levels

Molicare Premium Pads are made from top-quality, breathable materials to provide excellent leak protection. They keep the wearer feeling fresh and dry with a fast-drying absorbent layer. These pads are available in different sizes and absorbency levels for both men and women, designed for comfort and fit.

The entire Molicare brands range features soft, dermatologically tested materials that are gentle on the skin, providing reliable and skin-friendly incontinence protection. Whether you need slight or severe incontinence care, Molicare Pads deliver discreet, comfortable, and practical solutions for everyday use.