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Molicare Slip

Ideal for individuals with highly severe incontinence, our slips offer secure and comfortable daily wear. Featuring a waterproof PE backing for security, ensuring reliable protection. Designed for maximum comfort and leakage prevention, Molicare Slips provide the ultimate incontinence care solution. Explore our range and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Molicare Slip Day Nappies Adult

Molicare Slip For Day

From: £17.99

MoliCare Slip Night Nappies Adult

MoliCare Slip For Night

From: £22.79

MoliCare® Slip 6 Drops

MoliCare® Slip 6 Drops

From: £21.49

MoliCare® Slip 9 Drops

MoliCare® Slip 9 Drops

From: £12.69

Discover Molicare Slips For All Incontinence Needs

The Molicare Slip range at HARTMANN Direct provides security and comfort for individuals with highly severe incontinence. Featuring four fixation tabs with a unique hook and loop design, these slips can be easily unfastened and re-fastened multiple times for added security.

The three-layer absorbent core locks away urine, while the leak-resistant inner cuffs ensure dryness. Unisex and suitable for both female and male incontinence products, Molicare Premium Slips are efficient for overnight use due to its high absorption capacity. Explore the Molicare Slip range today for reliable and comfortable incontinence care.