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MoliCare Pad Day Incontinence Pads

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Discreet protection for mild bladder weakness: effective and cheap incontinence pads for daytime use.  The NEW MoliCare® Pad for Day is the simple and affordable solution for bladder weakness and light incontinence.  This pad is ideal for people who have a few urine leaks when the coough or sneeze for discreet protection all day for active lifestyle and maintaining healthy skin.

Combine the MoliCare Pad for Day with a MoliCare Pad for Night for a 24 hour, round the clock solution.  The MoliCare Pad for Night is a slightly larger pad offering more absorbency to keep you feeling safe, security and protected for a good nights sleep.

  • Discreet and reliable incontinence pads for women and men 

  • For mild bladder weakness: urine loss of a few drops up to 100 ml 

  • Affordable protection for only 19p per incontinence pad 

  • Absorbent core quickly traps urine and neutralises unpleasant odours 

  • Help to keep intimate skin healthy by preserving its natural pH value  

  • Secure hold in underwear thanks to wide adhesive strip 

  • Comfortable protection for the day 

  • Product size: 26.5 cm long x 11.2 cm wide 


  • Remove the protective film from the adhesive strip 

  • Place the incontinence pad adhesive side facing downwards in your underwear and press down firmly to securely fix it in place 

  • After use, remove the pad by peeling away from the underwear  

  • Dispose of the used pad in regular waste  

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