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Molicare Slip

HARTMANN Direct’s MoliCare® Slip range is designed for extremely severe incontinence and for those who require something secure and comfortable enough to wear every day. For added security, the products in the MoliCare® Slip  range feature a waterproof PE backing.

Molicare Slip Day Nappies Adult

Molicare Slip For Day


MoliCare Slip Night Nappies Adult

MoliCare Slip For Night


MoliCare® Slip 6 Drops

MoliCare® Slip 6 Drops


Molicare Slip 9 Drops

MoliCare® Slip 9 Drops


Four fixation tabs provide added fixation security, whilst their special hook and loop design allow them to be unfastened and re-fastened several times. To ensure dryness, MoliCare® Slip products feature a three-layer absorbent core which has been developed to lock away urine and works in conjunction with the leak-resistant inner cuffs.

The unisex style is suitable for both men and women and is especially useful for over-night use due to its high absorption capacity. Browse the range today.