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Products for Men with Urinary Leakage

MoliCare® male incontinence pads and pants provide tailored protection with a wider front that accounts for gender-specific differences and ensures high wearing comfort. Discover the right product for your needs.

About Male Incontinence Products

Although urinary incontinence affects millions of men, it is still a difficult topic to talk about. This needs to change, which is why MoliCare® wants to educate and motivate people by igniting a social conversation. Providing information about the symptoms and the solutions helps people choose the perfect product for their individual needs. 

The benefits of MoliCare® products for MEN:

  • Wider front and anatomical shape
  • Tailored protection & comfort
  • 3-layer absorbent core
  • Anti-leakage system
  • Additional odour neutralisation
  • Dermatologically tested

We designed our MoliCare® MEN products for the special needs of men. They provide high wearing comfort and optimal leakage protection. Own your incontinence, don't just get by.

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