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8 tips to overcome incontinence

MoliCare® teamed up with inspiring women like the registered nutritionist Emma Bardwell who offers emotional and professional support for women experiencing urinary leakage. In this video, Emma gives her top tips to manage bladder weakness.

Emma Bardwell

As a registered nutrionist and a women´s health specialist Emma specializes in the topic of incontinence.




What you can do about incontinence

There are many different ways to manage bladder weakness. Here nutritionist Emma Bardwell reveals her top tips.






About the author - Emma Bardwell


Incontinence and bladder weakness are often a common consequence of the hormonal change that occurs during the perimenopause. For many women, going through this phase can feel like their world is being turned upside down. As a registered nutrionist and a women´s health specialist, Emma Bardwell is here to guide you through the perimenopause – by sharing evidence-based advice as well as her own personal insights.

Emma´s interest in the topic began when she started experiencing perimenopause symptoms herself more than 10 years ago. Because she quickly noticed there just wasn’t enough evidence-based nutrition information around, she soon began to educate herself and, in the process, became an expert on the topic. Today, Emma blends nutritional science, diet therapy and behaviour change on her website and her Instagram page. In addition to her recently published book “The Perimenopause Solution”, she also hosts workshops and regularly appears on podcasts.

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