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Incontinence Skin Protection

Incontinence skin protection goes hand-in-hand with a thorough skin cleansing routine. At HARTMANN Direct, we provide the full MoliCare range of skin protection products that are perfectly suited to those with incontinence-affected skin, providing long term protection and limiting the risks of irritation. The range includes a pleasantly scented Skin Barrier Cream for daily protection, Skin Protection Foam to cleanse intimate areas whilst reinforcing the skins natural barrier, and Zinc Oxide Cream, which provides anti-inflammatory protection that is ideal for stressed skin. You can browse the full range below.

Skin Protection for Incontinence

When you or your loved one have incontinence, it is vital to use the right incontinence skin protection products to enforce the natural skin barrier and keep it safe from frequent exposure to urine and faeces. All our specially formulated range is dermatologically tested and free of allergens, meaning they can be used by most patients in any healthcare setting. They are also suitable for use at home and for specific needs such as male incontinence products or female incontinence products.

The MoliCare range balances the mantle of the skin, keeping it at a pH balance of 5.5. There are several products in the range, including:

  • MoliCare Skin Barrier Cream – a skin strengthening cream that creates an invisible barrier. Perfect for every day use when changing incontinence products.
  • MoliCare Skin Protection Foam – a product that regenerates the natural skin barrier, providing long-lasting protection.
  • MoliCare Skin Zinc Oxide Cream – provides anti-inflammatory protection, soothes irritation, and calms the skin.

Quality Customer Service

At HARTMANN Direct, we formulate skin protection products with the customer in mind, and this care extends to our customer service. Our team are on hand to answer any questions you might have about our range of products before you place your order, just contact us on 0800 028 9470 or [email protected]. We also provide completely free delivery on orders over £40, and all products can be sent to your address in discreet, plain packaging.