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Skin Cleansing Products for Incontinence

Skin cleansing for incontinence pull ups doesn’t have to be a challenge and maintaining a regular cleansing routine is essential to protect against infection and other skin problems. This range of skin cleansing products has been specifically formulated to overcome the challenges of incontinence affected skin, leaving the user fresh, dry, and feeling cleansed after every use. The MoliCare skin range consists of convenient wash gloves, a mild lotion, moist skin care tissues, body wash and cleansing foam, all packaged for easy access and suitable for use at home and in a healthcare setting.

Incontinence Skin Cleansing

When you have incontinence, it is very important that you look after your skin and use products that are fit for purpose. That is where HARTMANN Directs MoliCare range of skin cleaning products comes in. Delightfully smooth on the skin, our Moist Skin Care Tissues and Impregnated Wash Gloves are a suitable alternative to skin cleansing between incontinence product changes or as an alternative to a soap and water bed bath. This is especially valuable for those who struggle with their mobility or are unable to get up and go to the bathroom frequently. Our skin care body wash and lotion are perfect for a more thorough cleansing in the bath or shower.

Order Expertly Formulated Products

As a testament to the HARTMANN Direct name, we also provide an excellent, prompt delivery service. You even qualify for free shipping if you spend over £40 on your order. If you need additional advice before you purchase cleansing products, please do get in touch with the HARTMANN Direct customer service team on 0800 028 9470 or [email protected]. We will help you to choose the right skin cleansing items for your specific needs.