10 Drops

MoliCare® Premium Mobile 10 Drops Medium (ISO 2626ml)

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MoliCare’s Highest Absorbency Pants

The MoliCare® Premium Mobile 10 Drops are the ultimate high absorbency pull-up pants that provide the look and feel of regular underwear, ensuring comfort and discretion, for men and women. These pants feature a design that adjusts to all shapes of the body, constructed using soft materials, and elastic that guarantee a comfortable, secure fit.

Day and Night Protection

The unique 3-layer absorbent core quickly absorbs urine and keeps it locked away for a dry feeling all day and all night.  The high absorbency of these 10 drop pants means you can wear them all day or all night for added protection and restful nights sleep.

These can be effortlessly pulled on and off, just like normal underwear. This user-friendly design allows people to continue with their everyday lives, with the convenience of using the toilet as they normally would, while enjoying the added protection of the integrated pad in case of any leakages or accidents.

Choose MoliCare® Premium Mobile 10 Drops for the perfect combination of underwear-like comfort, discreet design, and reliable skin protection.

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