5 Drops

MoliCare Premium Bed Mat 5 Drops 60x60cm (ISO 715ml)

For Slight Incontinence Level

30 pieces per bag

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Take away the worry of urine leaks and accidents on bedding caused by conditions such as nocturnal enuresis, unknowingly wetting yourself whilst asleep. MoliCare® Premium Bed Mat 5 drops is the perfect solution for protecting bedding and surfaces day or night. These bed mats are suitable for people of any age from babies, children and adults, wherever you need an extra layer of protection.

These disposable bed mats feature an absorbent core made of cellulose fluff, ensuring efficient liquid absorption and providing an extra layer of protection for beds, mattresses, chairs, sofas. Whether used on their own or in combination with pads, pants, or slips, these bed mats are ideal for nighttime accidents or and an underlayer when changing the pad or slip for someone you care for.

With MoliCare® Premium Bed Mat 5 drops, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have an effective and reliable solution to maintain hygiene and protect surfaces from any potential leaks or spills. Experience the ease and convenience of these bed mats and ensure a comfortable and worry-free night for yourself or your loved ones.

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