MoliCare Form Night Large Incontinence Pads

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A new concept incontinence pads from MoliCare, our new MoliCare® Form for Night is our large pad for a simple and affordable incontinence pad designed for moderate to severe levels of incontinence.  These pads are much larger than a sanitary pad you might find in the supermarket for people who have bladder leaks throughout the day and night which they have little or no control over. 

Combine our MoliCare Form for Night with MoliCare Form for Day for complete round-the-clock solution, all day and all night.  And these are even more affordable costing less per day than your favourite cappuccino.  MoliCare is known for quality and if you are unsure what product is right for you, MoliCare Pads for Day and Night offer a straight forward solution to manage incontinence.

Product information 

  • Reliable large incontinence pads for women and men 

  • Safe protection at night for undisturbed sleep 

  • For moderate to heavy incontinence: uncontrollable urine loss of more than 200 ml 

  • Affordable protection for only 55 pence per large pad for incontinence 

  • Absorbent core quickly traps urine and neutralises unpleasant odours 

  • Helps to keep intimate skin healthy by preserving its natural pH value  

  • Holds securely in combination with net pants (fixation pants) replacing regular underwear 

  • Product size: 62 cm long x 31 cm wide 


  • Insert the large incontinence pad in the centre of the tight-fitting fixation pants 

  • When changing or removing the large incontinence pad, remove it from front to back 

  • Dispose of in regular waste after use  

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