Vala®Clean Film (Washing Mitts)

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Disposable washing mitts are ideal for bathing, bed baths, and all over body cleansing for people who can't easily get in the bath or shower.  Unlike flannels, sponges and cloths, these mitts are disposable so you can bin them after use, especially handy for messy jobs and heavily soiled cleansing. 

Hygienic, easy to put on, strong and durable, designed to be binned after use.

• Made of air-laid cellulose with inner film layer for additional protection.
• Embossed surface enables gentle and thorough cleansing.
• Soft and gentle to the skin, absorbent and tear-resistant.

Each mitt measures 23.5 x 15.5cm suitable for hands of all sizes and ech pack contains 50 mitts for value for money.

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