MoliCare Skin Barrier Cream

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Try MoliCare’s water-in-oil-in-water barrier cream to shield the skin against moisture. This cream’s unique formula won’t clog or blog pads like some other barrier creams do and easy to apply, and can be used as part of your daily intimate hygiene routine. This cream provides a transparent, protective shield that preserves your incontinence pad’s absorbency with its water-in-oil-in-water emulsion. Powered by Nutriskin Protection Complex, the MoliCare® Skin Barrier Cream helps to protect the skin’s natural barrier function, making it perfect to use daily, especially for anyone who experiences incontinence. Ensure optimal skin care with the MoliCare® Skin Barrier Cream.

To use, simply squeeze a drop of cream from the bottle onto your fingertip and rub thoroughly onto the applied area. Within minutes, the cream will begin its protective shield on the skin, keeping it hydrated and fresh, and help prevent irritation.  Each 200ml bottle contains enough cream for up to 170 applications and is ideal for treating and preventing incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD).

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