MoliCare® Premium Mobile 8 Drops (ISO 2421ml)

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Introducing MoliCare Premium Mobile 8 Drops, the perfect solution for managing incontinence. With a design that closely resembles everyday underwear, they blend seamlessly into your routine.

Three-Layer Absorbent Core

Featuring an absorbent core that effectively neutralises odours and securely locks in liquids, you can confidently stay dry and fresh throughout the day. The elasticated material and advanced dry technology ensure absorption and leakage protection through water-repellent cuffs prevent urine from escaping the sides of the pad. Plus, the tear-open side seams allow for quick and effortless brief removal while still allowing you to pop them up and down and go to the toilet as usual. Choose MoliCare ® Premium Mobile 8 Drops for convenience and peace of mind.

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