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MoliCare® Premium Mobile 5 Drops XL (ISO 1183ml)

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Comfort and discretion are at the forefront of our pants range, even more so with the MoliCare® Premium Mobile 5 Drops range, suitable for men and women. Using a pull-up technique for these pants, they are designed with an anatomical shape, soft materials, and elastic features to provide a seamless fit.

You can effortlessly apply them, just like you would with normal underwear. This allows people to maintain their regular lifestyle and use the toilet without any hindrance while having the added protection of a pad in case of leaks or accidents.

Skin Friendly

The skin-friendly pH of 5.5 in MoliCare® Premium Mobile 5 Drops helps preserve the natural acid mantle of the skin, ensuring optimal skin protection. The three-layer absorbent core rapidly absorbs liquids, leaving the skin feeling dry and comfortable.

Choose MoliCare® Premium Mobile 5 Drops for a reliable and discreet solution that offers the comfort and protection you need.

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