3.5 Drops

MoliCare® Premium Men Pad 3 Drops (ISO 406ml)

For Slight Incontinence Level

14 pieces per bag

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Tailored to fit the male body, the Premium MEN Pad is perfect for men with an active lifestyle and light to moderate bladder weakness. With a skin-friendly pH of 5.5, it ensures maximum skin compatibility while preserving the skin's natural acid mantle. The 3-layer absorbent core keeps the skin dry with a fast-dry effect.

For ideal, all-round protection, the Premium MEN Pad offers reliable protection that you can trust. Its fast-absorbing, anti-leakage system and cuffs provide added security, while neutralising odours for discreet use. The wide adhesive strip ensures the pad stays securely and comfortably in place inside your regular underwear. For an even snugger fit, wear it with close-fitting underwear that won't move throughout the day. Each pack comes with 14 pieces, fitted with anti-leak cuffs to prevent your everyday clothes getting damaged. Embrace an active lifestyle without worry, thanks to the dependable MoliCare® Premium MEN Pad 3 Drops.

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