MoliCare® Premium Lady Pants 7 Drops Large (ISO 1442ml)

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MoliCare® Premium Lady Pants 7 drops

Choose MoliCare® for quality and affordable price! Our MoliCare® Premium Lady Pants 7 drops are specially made to manage moderate bladder weakness and incontinence.

These pants offer a comfortable fit with their underwear-like feel, thanks to their anatomical shape, soft materials, and elastic properties. The skin-friendly pH of 5.5 helps maintain the skin's natural acid mantle, while the three-layer absorbent core swiftly absorbs liquid, keeping the skin dry and safe. Designed to be slim and lightweight, they feel just like regular underwear. The lower waistband ensures a discreet look. The soft, breathable materials include a skin-friendly Aloe Vera treated topsheet, and the pants are pH-balanced with antibacterial properties to promote healthy skin. With a fast-absorbing core and anti-leak cuffs, these pants offer superior leak protection. They also have neutralisers to seal in odours, leaving you with a fresh and clean feeling.

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