4 Drops

MoliCare® Premium Lady Pad 4 Drops (ISO 782ml)

For Slight Incontinence Level

14 pieces per bag

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MoliCare® Premium Lady Pad 4 Drops

Experience the ultimate comfort and protection with our skin-friendly Premium Lady Pad 4 drops. With the struggles of daily life, it can be easy to neglect your toiletry needs. However, we understand the importance of keeping skin fresh and dry, especially for women, and this is where the MoliCare® Premium Lady Pad 4 Drops can fit into your toiletry routine. You can stay dry and worry-free with these small pads designed for slight bladder and incontinence weakness.

Enjoy discreet and comfortable protection with the added benefits of odour neutralisers, ensuring you feel fresh and confident throughout the day.

The soft topsheet is treated with Aloe Vera, providing gentle care for your skin. The fast-absorbing core, along with the quick dry system, keeps you dry and comfortable, even during those unexpected moments. Rest assured that our Premium Lady Pad is pH-balanced and dermatologically tested, maintaining a healthy environment for your skin.

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