MoliCare Premium Form Stool (ISO 1295ml)

For Slight Incontinence Level

32 pieces per bag

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£ 14.49
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Keep faecal incontinence under control in all social situations with the MoliCare® Premium Form Stool. Designed for men and women of all age groups, and body shapes and sizes, these pads feature 90% larger pockets than standard stool pads, and will prevent faecal (poo) leakages on the go.

Additional benefits of using the MoliCare® Premium Form Stool pads include:

  • Equipped with 32 pieces per bag order.
  • Large leakage protection pockets ensure safe stool (poo) collection.
  • Wide back design offers extra safety in the rear area for added protection against leaks.
  • Suitable for managing diarrhoea as well.

MoliCare® Premium Form Stool provides reliable and discreet protection for faecal incontinence, giving you the confidence to manage your day without worries. Experience the comfort and security of these large pads, designed to keep you protected from leaks throughout the day.

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