MoliCare® Premium Form 8 Drops (ISO 3017ml)

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64% Faster Absorption

Our MoliCare Premium Form 8 Drop pads are available for men, and women, and are perfect for containing any urinary or faecal incontinence when on the go. Equipped with an absorbent core, you cannot go wrong with these Premium Form 8 Drop Pads which have been improved to absorb urine 64% faster than previously, ensuring that you are getting maximum comfort from these products. Thanks to its improved absorbent core technology, fluids are quickly absorbed and locked away, leaving your skin feeling dry and preventing any potential irritation in the intimate area.

Skin Friendly

The superabsorbent polymers integrated into the Premium Form 8 Drops neutralise unpleasant odours. Additionally, the new transfer layer contains citrate, which helps balance the pH of your skin. Discover the enhanced benefits of the MoliCare® Premium Form 8 Drops, offering fast absorption, odour control, and pH balance, all contributing to your overall well-being and confidence.

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