MoliCare® Premium Form 6 Drops MEN (ISO 2441ml)

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Designed specifically for men dealing with urinary and faecal incontinence, MoliCare®  Premium Form 6 Drops provides the ideal solution specifically designed for men with a front shifted absorbent core where men need it most.

Featuring an innovative and unique absorbent core, MoliCare®  Premium Form 6 Drops revolutionises the absorption process. With a remarkable 64% faster urine absorption rate, the improved 3-layer absorbent core technology swiftly locks away fluids, keeping the skin dry and helping to prevent irritation in the intimate area.

No More Unpleasant Odours

Say goodbye to unpleasant odours with the superabsorbent polymers, which effectively neutralise unwanted smells. Additionally, the new transfer layer contains citrate, a pH-balancing ingredient that helps maintain the skin's optimal pH level, promoting overall skin health and comfort.

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