MoliCare® Premium Fixpants Short Leg Small

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Stay safe and secure on the go by combining MoliCare® Premium fixpants short leg with your incontinence pads. You can wash these short leg fixpants up to 50 times, and they are also suitable for tumble drying. With convenience and durability in mind, you can stay safe and secure knowing that your incontinence pads will stay in place for extra protection.


Secure fitting

With cross-elasticised threads, these fixation pants or net knickers as they’re sometimes known, ensure an ideal body fit, offering maximum comfort and support. Made from air-active material, they allow your skin to breathe, promoting a dry and comfortable experience. Choose MoliCare® Premium Fixpants Short Leg for a reliable and comfortable fixation solution, ensuring you can confidently go about your day without worries.

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