MoliCare Premium Elastic 8 Drops Large (ISO 3220ml)

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The MoliCare® Premium Elastic 8 Drops are the perfect, simple product that is easy to apply and will ensure you can go about your daily activities without the fear of bodily fluids or smells leaking out.


Each of our MoliCare® Premium Elastic product ranges come equipped with the ElasticFIX system, which incorporates elasticated side panels and re-sealable tapes for easy handling and secure fittings. MoliCare® Premium Elastic ensures a simple fit in any position, offering maximum safety, security, and peace of mind. Its absorbency adds to its reliability.

Its user-friendly design allows for a faster application of 20% compared to other products, making it more convenient for both wearers and caregivers. The convenient handling adds an extra layer of comfort during the changing process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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