10 Drops

MoliCare® Premium Elastic 10 Drops Small (ISO 2771ml)

For Very Severe Incontinence Level

22 pieces per bag

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MoliCare® Premium Elastic 10 Drops

The MoliCare® Premium Elastic 10 drops is a versatile incontinence slip product suitable for men and women of all age groups. These pants are designed to accommodate and adapt to all body shapes and movements. It features the innovative ElasticFIX System, combining patented elasticated side panels and re-closable tapes, ensuring secure fixation and effortless handling. This unique system guarantees an optimal fit in any position, providing maximum safety and security along with exceptional absorbency capabilities.

With two side panels and two re-closable tapes, this product offers convenient application and secure closure. Caregivers will appreciate the approximately 20% faster application time and improved ergonomic handling. The MoliCare® Premium Elastic is not only easy to fit but also exceptionally comfortable to wear, ensuring the utmost convenience and satisfaction for men and women managing incontinence.

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