9 Drops

MoliCare® Premium Bed Mat 9 Drops 60x60cm (ISO 1809ml)

For Very Severe Incontinence Level

15 pieces per bag

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Nocturnal enuresis is the process of unintentionally bed-wetting. Incontinence can be an unpredictable activity, and keeping your bed protective in case of bed-wetting is important to maintain hygiene, as well as a good night sleep. Sleep is important for everyone’s routines, and the last thing anyone needs is urinary incontinence to occur at night. This is where we have produced the MoliCare® Premium Bed Mat 9 Drops, the ultimate solution for reliable and hygienic protection during the night. These disposable bed mats feature a superabsorbent core that securely holds liquid, providing an extra layer of safeguarding for surfaces. When you need the highest level of absorbency, the 9 Drops bed mats offer unmatched performance, ensuring you stay dry and worry-free throughout the night.

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