7 Drops

MoliCare® Premium Bed Mat 7 Drops 40x60cm (ISO 561ml)

For Severe Incontinence Level

25 pieces per bag

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£ 7.19
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MoliCare® Premium Bed Mat 7 Drops are the perfect solution for keeping your bed and surfaces safe and dry. These disposable bed mats feature an absorbent core made of cellulose fluff, providing hygienic care and extra protection against liquid leaks. These bed mats are designed to absorb liquid effectively, offering an additional layer of protection for your bed and other surfaces. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with pads, pants, or slips for added security during night accidents. Moreover, they are ideal for protecting surfaces while changing pads or slips for your loved ones.

With MoliCare® Premium Bed Mat 7 Drops, you can sleep soundly knowing that your bed is protected from leaks and spills. These bed mats are designed to provide a hygienic and comfortable experience, allowing you to rest without worries.

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