Incontinence Advice

How you can clean your skin gently without water protect it if you have incontinence

People affected by incontinence often experience associated skin problems as well. But with the right products, skin that has been damaged by incontinence can be cleaned gently and safeguarded against further harm.

How you can gently clean and protect your skin if you have incontinence


We all know soap and water are essential for personal hygiene, but as we age, our skin changes and requires different skin care. For people with incontinence, the skin is already stressed by contact with urine and faeces, making it vulnerable to further damage from soap and water.

To avoid skin damage, we need to clean and care for mature skin, especially in the intimate area, in a gentle and effective way. That's why we've got you covered with a solution that works for you.

How soap and water harm mature skin?


To protect us, our skin has a natural protective acid mantle with a pH value of 4–6. This acidity protects us against bacteria. However, as we age, the protective mantle weakens and it becomes easier for bacteria to penetrate the skin, leading to inflammation.

This effect is even worse in people suffering with bladder weakness or incontinence, who have to deal with an alkaline environment due to constant exposure to moisture. To prevent skin irritation and inflammation, it's important to maintain the pH value of the skin at pH 5.5 and keep the skin dry.

Clean Your Skin Without Soap And Water



The MoliCare® Skin cleansing range provides you with three products that enable you to thoroughly and gently clean your stressed skin without using water (waterless skin care) and thus help to maintain the natural protective function of the skin.

MoliCare® Skin Moist Skin Care Tissues are perfect for cleaning the intimate areas and genital for those with urinary incontinence. They contain a mild cleaning agent and also neutralise odours and support the skin’s own protective mechanism.

Combination of MoliCare Skin Moist Skin Care Tissues and MoliCare Skin Cleansing Foam is ideal for those with faecal or dual incontinence. The foam is first applied to the uncleaned skin surface. The foam softens faecal or stool residue on the skin. Residual soiling can then be removed with the help of the moist wipes without applying pressure or rubbing.

The MoliCare® Skin Wash Gloves were developed for head to toe cleaning of the body and genital area. They can be used without water and replace a bath or shower. Each pack contains eight wash gloves for different areas of the body. Particularly when used for bed bound or people with limited mobility, the wash gloves provide a solution that saves time and is comfortable not only for the carer but also for the individual. Depending on personal preferences, the wash gloves can be used cool or warmed so that cleaning is as pleasant as possible.

Take a look for our MoliCare Skin protective range


Protect your skin with MoliCare Skin protective range


To protect your skin from harm, the MoliCare Skin protective range offers products that support the regeneration of the protective acid mantle and moisturize the skin.

  • MoliCare® Skin Barrier Cream contains a water-in-oil-in-water formulation that encourages the regeneration of skin cells. The cream forms a transparent protective film on the skin that protects the skin against moisture. It also neutralises odours which greatly improves the well-being of those affected by urinary or faecal incontinence.
  • The MoliCare® Skin Protection Foam protects your skin against aggressive substances in stool and urine.
  • MoliCare® Skin Zinc Oxide Cream soothes skin irritation in the genital area and helps to prevent inflammation.

Both those affected by incontinence and their carers face many challenges in daily management of the condition. Specific skin care is needed to reduce the risk of skin irritation and inflammation. To encourage healthy skin, gentle cleansing, appropriate care and effective protection are all necessary. This means that both men and women who are affected by incontinence can improve their well being and enjoy the precious moments of life without limitations.