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0 out of 4
3 out of 10
For occasional leaks of urine in small amounts. These products are most suited for people with stress incontinence who leak when they exert pressure on the pelvic floor due to (for example) sneezing, coughing or exercise.
1 out of 4
4 out of 10
For people that empty some of their bladder of urine either at once or gradually over time. The person may have some control over their continence but still needs protection some of the time.
2 out of 4
5 out of 10
For people that empty most their bladder gradually throughout the day. The person may have some control over their continence but still needs protection most of the time.
3 out of 4
6 out of 10
For people that empty most their bladder of urine at once. The person may have some control over their continence but still want to be protected in case of accidents.
Severe /
Very Severe
3.5 out of 4
7 out of 10
For people that empty a full bladder gradually throughout the day. This person would generally not have any control over their continence but doesn’t need a product that must cope with large gushes.
Very severe
4 out of 4
8 out of 10
For people that empty a full bladder of urine at once with no control.
5 out of 4
9 out of 10

MoliCare Premium Women's Incontinence Briefs

Our incontinence slips for women are the perfect product for when extra security and peace of mind is needed to keep you confidently comfortable throughout the day. Designed for moderate to more severe levels of incontinence, our MoliCare® women’s incontinence briefs are a great choice, providing superior absorption and a secure fit, especially for ladies who are less mobile or less active. Lightweight, discreet and dermatologically tested to support healthy skin, the MoliCare® Premium range of secure side-closing incontinence slips are super soft, and effectively lock away moisture to keep you totally comfortable, fresh and dry.

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5 Item(s)

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5 Results

Incontinence Slips for Women

The discreet, secure fit of our disposable incontinence slips for women make them a great choice for less active women looking for a high-performing absorbent pad with extra security and long-lasting comfort.

Designed to manage moderate to extremely severe incontinence, these hardworking slips are reassuringly slimline to prevent unnecessary bulk beneath your clothes.  Re-closable side tabs and soft inner cuffs keep the briefs securely in place for extra peace of mind.

Super absorbent padding, a skin friendly top layer and air active side panels all work together to keep your skin healthy and dry.


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