How should the products be stored?

The products should be stored in a dry and clean place. It is not recommended to store the products in the bathroom or a garage or shed.

Why do the products come in packs of 28?

It is easier to calculate the number of pads required if the pack sizes are divisible by 7, as there are 7 days in a week.

Can I use the product straight from the packet?

We recommend that the products are taken out of the packet at least half an hour before use, as they are vacuum packed in the packet for efficient storage and transportation. This allows the fibres to 'fluff up' and work more effectively. Why not remove a day's supply the night before and store these in a dry place such as a wardrobe or drawer?

Where are the products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in Germany and France

Why are some products only available on HARTMANN Direct?

Some products are exclusive to HARTMANN Direct as NHS trusts may not supply the full HARTMANN range.

Why do I need fixation pants with MoliCare Premium Form?

MoliCare Premium Form is a larger shaped pad, without an adhesive strip or fixation tabs so you need fixation pants to hold the product in place securely.

Why do the products have a coloured stripes?

The colours represent the product's absorbency level and in some cases the number of stripes indicates the product size.

How do the products keep me dry?

Fluid is guided into the centre of the product by the fibres where it is securely stored. The centre of the product contains odour neutralising granules to help reduce unpleasant odours. The water repellent leg cuffs ensure that the product does not leak.

My product is leaking what should I do?

There are several reasons that might cause your products to leak. There are a few things that you can check yourself: Make sure that you have the correct size product by taking the necessary measurements. Check that the product is fitted correctly according to the fitting guides. Ensure that you have removed the product from the packaging before use to allow the fibres to 'fluff up'. If none of this advice helps you may wish to try a higher absorbency product. It may be advisable to visit your GP for referral to a specialist to ensure you are receiving the correct product.

I'm sweating inside my product, what can I do?

MoliCare Premium Form with MoliCare Premium Fixpants is the best option if you are struggling with sweating. The MoliCare Premium Fixpants are designed to be breathable and this system allows for the air to circulate.

Can I use powders and creams (ie talc and barrier creams) with the products?

It is not advisable to use such products as they may not be specifically designed for continence care. They may block the pores of the product which could reduce the effectiveness. The Menalind range is specially designed for use with continence products.

I am worried that people will notice that I am wearing a product, what do you recommend?

All HARTMANN products are designed to be discreet with white, textile-like backing. MoliCare Pads are our most discreet products for slight incontinence and can be worn within your underwear. For moderate to severe incontinence we recommend MoliCare Premium Mobile, which is designed to look and feel like underwear.

How often should I change the product?

The wetness indicator gives a guide to know when to change the product; you should change when you can only see 2 solid blocks of the indicator. A soiled product should be changed as soon as possible.

Are the products environmentally friendly?

At HARTMANN we are environmentally aware. Our packaging is recycled and non bleached. The products are vacuum packed to minimise transportation impact. Every effort is made during production to reduce waste.

Will they rustle when I'm walking?

The products should not rustle as the textile like back-sheet reduces the risk of any sound when moving.

Do you have a swimwear range?

HARTMANN GB do not supply a swimwear range however we recommend a company called Incy Wincy.

Do you provide catheters?

HARTMANN only provide absorbent body-worn products. We do not provide catheters.

Which product should I be using?

It is always recommended that you visit your GP in order to be referred for a full clinical assessment however you can use the product selector to give you an idea of which product we would recommend for you.

What are the products made of?

The products comprise of mainly cellulose (fluff), SAP (super absorbent polymer) and PE (polyethylene).

Can the products be incinerated?

Yes the products can be incinerated.

How do I dispose of HARTMANN Moli products?

You may contact your local council to find out if they have a specific way to dispose of used products, otherwise wrap used products in newspaper and put into your household waste.

Are HARTMANN products flammable?

Absorbent continence products may ignite if they are exposed to a flame or heat source such as a lit cigarette, halogen lamp, or bar heater for example. This can occur whether they are worn or still in packaging. Products can also add fuel to a developing fire. We recommend following the advice of the London Fire Brigade with regard to safe use and storage of your products.