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Why will HARTMANN Direct’s summer pull up pants ease your incontinence woes?

With the summer in full flow and the heat coming in waves, it can be an uncomfortable time for those with incontinence.  Not only are the temperatures rising, but we also want to be more active.  We may be planning a holiday, and we want to see the sights.  Despite your incontinence, you want the chance to be spontaneous – to go out for a hike or a trip on your bicycle.  Your risk of incontinence might increase with age, but your desire to live life to the full never leaves you.

It is time to be honest about the woes people face when living with incontinence.  Thankfully, it’s also time to offer a solution.

The Heat

It’s easy when you’re free from incontinence to take off some layers and maybe even take an impromptu swim.  However, when you are uncertain where a cough or sneeze will lead, it’s not always as easy.  A dip in the sea is appealing but dealing with the practicalities is more difficult.

Even if you choose not to swim but want to wear shorts, you may not feel confident doing so if you’re wearing a pad.

You need a way of staying comfortable in your skin, even when the challenges of the summer arrive.  Therefore, a product that allows ladies to feel feminine while maintaining their dignity would be welcomed.  A product that is anatomically shaped for women and one for men that would be discreet under clothing would be brilliant.

Choosing the MoliCare® pull-up pants can solve these issues.  You’ll experience healthy skin even in the heat thanks to the soft, breathable fibres and a top layer that is treated with soothing aloe vera.  These pull up pants have been specifically designed to maintain a skin-friendly pH value of 5.5.  The pants also neutralise unpleasant odours.  When the summer heat kicks in, this could be a blessing.

Wishing to be Spontaneous

It is essential to keep active and exercise when you struggle with incontinence. In the summer, we feel more inclined to do this than ever.  However, this is all well and good, but planning activity takes time and you cannot just set off.  You are also aware that summer activities mean drinking more, and you are always a little afraid of taking more liquids on board.  There is suddenly nothing spontaneous about your summer months.

Really, you want the freedom to decide on your bike ride right now – and off you go.  There should be no wringing of hands and no careful planning of the route to take in all the public toilets in your local area.  You want to design your journey with just the scenery in mind.

With MoliCare® pants, you’re free to pop out when you like, after just pulling on these pants.  Any leakage is absorbed away from the skin and held discretely, so you don’t need to worry.  It’s perfectly normal to want to just get up, go out, enjoy your bike ride or your walk without a care.  You should even feel you can drink freely, keeping yourself hydrated as you exercise.

The good thing about keeping active is that it will also help your bladder health.  Maintaining your weight and increasing the strength of your pelvic floor muscles are recommended strategies for countering incontinence.  Therefore, the freedom to be spontaneous also allows you to take action to manage your condition.

Staying Away From Home

Summer is also a time when you’ll be away from home.  You may be travelling long distances and sleeping in a different bed.  Travel with family and friends is highly rewarding and not something you should be forced to forgo.  It can be stressful, and there may be little pleasure in the journey and stay for people with incontinence, and those caring for them.

Then, there is the sitting on strange furniture and sleeping in different beds.  You can ask hotels to fit appropriate sheets, but surely no one should have to go through that conversation with the concierge.

This may even be enough to keep you at home and stop you enjoying the adventures and memories of a shared trip.  There is no more powerful way to increase your sense of loneliness and isolation.

MoliCare® pads and pants come with different absorbency levels.  Some are intended for mild bladder leakage, absorbing up to 75mls of liquid.  However, if you are going on a long journey, there are pull up pants that can hold 451mls of liquid.  This capacity should easily combat potential leakages and allow you to maintain the same toilet-going needs as others in your party.  The anti-leakage system with soft elastic cuffs and the quick-dry system protects you from discomfort, physically and emotionally.

These pads and pants have been specifically designed for men and women who live an active lifestyle.  They can cope with light to moderate bladder weakness wherever you travel.

Loss of Privacy

Your loss of privacy is not something that is just confined to the summer.  However, with less clothing and the need to keep hydrated, this privacy is even more under threat.  Some incontinence products require an elaborate routine when it comes to changing time.  You may need help to remove the products used and then treat the skin before applying a new product.

What you want any time of the year is the chance to discreetly use the facilities and carry out your personal hygiene privately.  It would be wonderful if all it meant were slipping down your pants and replacing them with a new pair.   With MoliCare® anatomically shaped products featuring a three-layer core, fluid is pulled away from the surface, keeping the skin dry and healthy.

The simplicity of MoliCare® pull up pants is refreshing.  You can simply go to the bathroom and pull them down like regular underwear, or quickly replace them if necessary.   If you’re prone to skin conditions such as eczema, then these pants will be perfect for you as they maintain a pH value of 5.5 which reduces the risk of skin irritation.

HARTMANN Direct’s Pull Up Pants Make Your Summer

Whatever time of year, incontinence can be embarrassing and restrict the life you would like to live.  However, when the sun comes out and people start taking breaks, the sense of frustration can increase.

Summer incontinence woes can be a thing of the past.  You don’t need to feel trapped in the home or resigned to risking skin irritation and odour issues.  The MoliCare® range is designed for both men and women who want to maintain an active lifestyle without fear of leakages.  These pull up pants offer you the protection where it is needed.  Designed to feel like a pair of regular underwear, you can enjoy your summer with one less worry.

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