How To Use Guide For My MoliCare® Products

At HARTMANN, we use compact packaging to ensure your products take up as little space as possible for storage.

temperature icon Store open and unopened packets at room temperature and away from humidity, as moisture will be attracted to the super-absorbent core in the pad.
do not store in garage Do not store in your:
a. Shed
b. Garage
c. Bathroom
flame icon Keep away from naked flame.
clock icon Remove pads from packaging at least half an hour before use, to allow the cellulose fibres in your product to ‘breathe’ and ‘fluff up’ after storage. This will ensure the product will be at its best before use.

To ensure your product is best before use we recommend for you to remove your daily supply of pads from the packet the night before.

hands holding pad NEVER shake or roughly handle the product as this causes the core of the product to break and results in clumping of the absorbent filling during use, causing leakage and discomfort
no talcum powder or oil based creams Avoid the use of talcum powder and oil or silicone-based creams as this may affect the absorbency of the product. You can use our MoliCare® Skin range to care for your skin without affecting the absorbency of your products.
cross icon Always use the product that has been prescribed for the patient and not another person’s product.
fold pad lenthways icon Gently fold the pad lengthways to create an anatomical shape with the cuffs angled inwards to prevent leakage.
pad insert icon Insert the pad from the front to back to reduce the risk of infection.
wetness indicator icon When using a product featuring a wetness indicator, ensure this is in line with the spine.
no double pads icon Never double pad.

Fitting Tips

MoliCare® Premium Form Shaped Pads

  • MoliCare® Premium Form shaped pads can be worn with specially designed MoliCare® Fixpants or close fitting underwear.
  • Measure waist and hips and use the largest measurement to select the correct size of MoliCare® Fixpants.
  • In women, position the smaller, absorbent area of the pad at the front of the body. In men, you can position the larger absorbent area of the pad to the front.
  • Pull up the pants and ensure the pad is smoothed out at the front and back.
  • Do not routinely pull MoliCare® Fixpants up into the groin.

MoliCare® Slip All-in-One Briefs

  • Measure waist and hips and use the largest measurement to select the correct size of MoliCare® Slip.
  • Hold the brief at each end and gently fold it lengthways once. This activates the inner cuffs and creates an anatomical shape for fitting.
  • Ensure the product is fitted as high into the groin area as is comfortable.
  • Position the upper hook and loop tabs of MoliCare® Slip at a slightly downward angle on the non-woven side panel or textile backsheet.
  • The lower hook and loop tabs should point diagonally upward.
  • To open and reclose the tabs, open the blue stripe and refasten as before. Always remember to take time to check the pad is the correct size and is fitted correctly otherwise the pad may leak.

How should I dispose of my MoliCare® products?

When you are ready to dispose of your continence care products, you are advised to:

  • Roll-up the used product with the backing on the outside.
  • Wrap the used product in newspaper or in a plastic bag.
  • If you are unsure about the local disposal policy, check with your Continence Advisor or nurse who arranged your supply, or with your local council.
  • In most areas, you can place the products with household refuse, however, some local councils will provide you with a special ‘clinical waste’ bag in which you should store your used products, ready for collection.



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