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You are Not Alone

Do you suffer from a leaky bladder, occasional escapes of urine when you cough or sneeze, find it hard ‘to go’ or can’t always control your bowel?

Many of us find discussing bladder and bowel habits uncomfortable and embarrassing, the main reason why so many people in the UK suffer in silence.

But you are not alone.

Who suffers from incontinence?

In the UK, estimated figures are that between 3 and 6 million suffer from incontinence and a smaller proportion from bowel problems.

Worldwide, incontinence is a big problem too with an estimated 200 million people suffering short or long-term incontinence issues.

Incontinence is also attributed to the older generation, an inevitable factor in ageing or so we presume, as well as being seen as predominantly a female problem.

There are many myths that still believed about incontinence. For example, many people believe that incontinence is irreversible and that once it starts, there is nothing to be done to cure it. Likewise, people assume that as we grow older, incontinence is a natural part of this process, but it isn’t.

And this leads to people managing bladder or bowel problems in isolation. In other words, they continue to buy expensive incontinence products when there are other options they can use too including exercises, medication and in some cases, surgery.

What can be done about incontinence?

As the infographic shows, incontinence is something that anyone, of any age, no matter where they live or their state of health can be affected.

There are solutions and options – in some cases, incontinence can be reversed completely as control over the muscles is regained completely. But you need to talk to your GP. As well as offering help and support, they may also put you in touch with a continence nurse who can help you manage bladder and bowel problems. Incontinence Products can also be used to help you manage incontinence.

How Aging Affects The Bladder and Bowels


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