5 Drops

MoliCare Premium Bed Mat 5 Drops 40x60cm

30 pieces per bag

£ 6.99

• Also available with wings, to hold the bed pad securely in position

• For hygienic care and added protection

• Featuring an absorbent core, these disposable bed mats provide extra security.

• Can be used as direct incontinence bed mat or in combination with MoliCare® pants or pads, MoliCare® Premium bed mats to stay dry, fresh and comfortable all night.

• Simplifying daily care. Ideal for use at home, in hospitals and nursing homes.

• Excellent bed protection against leaks with waterproof, non-slip foil back sheet for added security.

• Discreet comfort with the soft top sheet and cotton-like back sheet.

• Pre-folded for easy use and space-saving storage.

• Available in a range of sizs and absorbencies.

• Protection for beds, chairs, furniture and other surfaces.

• The wing option is ideal for patients frequently turning in bed

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